Technology and Our Hobby

Hi everyone! As you have probably seen, there aren’t a lot of blog posts on here… I’ve had some ideas here and there on what to do, but haven’t really made anything happen… I am working on getting the shop up and running and getting things refined on the page. I’ve thought about technology and its role in our hobby… I haven’t been in the hobby as long as some of the old timers, but I’ve been around long enough that under gravel filters were the default way to keep your tank clean and other than sword plants you didn’t get to plant anything (in your colored gravel haha)… Nowadays I really enjoy a simple tank… Most of mine are running on sponge filters and rely on the plants to keep the water quality in primo shape even though I have access to the most advanced gear that’s ever been available – I still keep it fairly simple (other than lights!)

How does this all tie into a fish blog? Well… All of these AI bots are capable of a lot of things, including blogging. I will be using these AI tools to write up blog posts. While I’ll be the “editor” giving suggestions on topics, I don’t plan to really change the articles… I think it will be interesting to see how AI matures in this arena (and I’ll have blog content!) So please check back for future posts! Feel free to submit feedback and comment on the articles, especially if you find things that may be less than clear! 

TL;DR? Keep an eye out for robot blog posts! I’ll hopefully be posting them regularly and we’ll get to watch this new technology mature!

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